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We know the computer repair business.

Computers are such an integral part of your day to day life, and you want them to work when you need them. If you’re having a problem with a computer – we can definitely help. Because we’ve been in business since 1996, we know the right way to get things done.

Our History

The TechStop was designed and created to be a cost effective alternative to traditional “on-site” computer services. With laptops becoming more predominant, and computers getting easier to use, our customers were happy to bring their computers to us for service, so we responded by opening clean, upscale service centers that focus on quick, expert computer repair services at a fair price.

Born from its parent companies, CNS (Corporate Network Services) & PC Housecalls, The TechStop has over 17+ years of experience working with, and fixing computers. CNS helps small business customers manage their business technology, helping to lower the overall costs of ownership, and PC Housecalls provides on-site services for in-home technology, including computer repair, wireless networks, network printing, and even audio / video systems. At The TechStop – if you can save us a trip – we can save you some money, without sacrificing quality.

All of our Technicians are experts in computer repair, and our proprietary processes and procedures promise consistent quality in how the repair is done. We’re open Monday through Saturday for your convenience.