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We're Indy's computer repair and services hub!

Computers are such an integral part of your day to day life, and you want them to work when you need them. If you’re having a problem with a computer – we can definitely help. Because we’ve been in business since 1996, we know the right way to get things done.

How long does a repair normally take?
95% of our repairs are completed in 1 to 3 days. Our Diagnostic process takes about 24 hours, and then we’ll call you to get the repair authorized. The repair process then takes 1-2 days depending on the work that needs to be done.

Is the Diagnostic really free?
Yes, as long as we repair your computer here after the Diagnostic, it will be free and we’ll quote you a flat rate price for the repair. If you decide not to repair it with us, we charge a $79.00 Diagnostic fee to cover our time.

What kind of warranty / guarantee do you offer?
We rely heavily on repeat business and referrals from our customers, so we always think of what’s in your best interest. We offer a one year parts and labor warranty for any hardware that we sell, and then a 30 day warranty for any software repairs, including virus removals, software repairs & operating system installations. We can’t though, warranty any items not installed by us, hardware or software.

Do you offer business and residential services as well?
Yes! – absolutely. The TechStop is owned and operated by Corporate Network Services, an Indianapolis based Technology Company that specializes in helping small businesses lower their overall cost(s) of owning their business technology. We’re experts in Windows servers, workstations, e-mail services, data backup & protection, VoIP Telephony Solutions and much much more. If you’re a small business that uses technology – chances are we can save you some money.

Do you repair other electronics such as printers, scanners, smart phones, Xbox, PS3, etc.?
No, we stick to repairing computers, but have relationships with other companies that do, so if you need a referral let us know!

Do you take in/recycle old equipment?
Yes, we do offer green recycling, and there are nominal fees we require in order to pass that along. Call for more information.